Oyster Jewelry Culture

Oyster shells have been popular with Southwest tribes for generations and are still used in art and jewelry. We carry a quality selection of oyster jewelry in several styles and colors.

SilverTribe's oyster jewelry is great for any occasion or budget and our collection includes some of the most beautifully constructed oyster necklaces, oyster bracelets, oyster earrings, oyster rings, oyster pendants on the market.

While red oyster jewelry is stunning and regarded by collectors, we carry products that highlight a wide spectrum of colors, from vibrant orange to purple. Spiny oysters are the preferred type with many Native American artists. They are primarily harvested in the Sea of Cortez off the coast of Baja California in Mexico.

In the desert regions, this shell selection is a popular choice because of its close proximity. Outside of the Sea of Cortez, Peru is the closest place to find spiny oysters. The versatility and range of colors make oyster shells popular with the Zuni, Navajo and Hopi tribes that expertly carve and place shells into sterling silver.

The shells are meticulously cut, ground and shaped to construct oyster jewelry. We carry oyster bracelets that feature turquoise stones and other complimentary materials. For many artists, the choice of stones and shells is more than cosmetic. Many of the materials used to make oyster jewelry hold significant spiritual and personal meaning. When used together, they help create a balance and contribute to the wearer's well being.

 The artists who make our products use the highest quality and most beautiful shells for magnificent multicolor inlay oyster earrings. The vibrant colors used in much of our oyster jewelry capture the beauty and heritage of the Southwest. Skilled artists are able to carefully carve oyster shells into various shapes, including butterflies, horses and turtles.

The Pueblo tribe, for example, is known for capturing the breathtaking scenery of the Southwest by placing a variety of colorful stones and shells into sterling silver oyster jewelry. Every tribe put its own mark on the construction and artistry of American Indian jewelry.

Navajo oyster pendants and earrings are popular for their use of sterling silver and red oyster shells. These items feature superb craftsmanship and hand-selected shells.

Other popular examples of oyster jewelry showcase the beauty of mother of pearl. Mother of pearl is harvested from pearl oysters. It is the part of the shell that surrounds the pearl and is actually made of the same material as a pearl, making it the perfect addition for our oyster jewelry. Our artists use mother of pearl in many different colors and shapes.

We work with artists from all over the region to ensure our stock is always up-to-date with styles that represent the quality and creativity of every Southwestern tribe.

Browse through our selection of oyster jewelry to find the perfect addition for your collection. We are always offering a leading selection of oyster jewelry at huge markdowns. At SilverTribe, you'll get the highest quality items at the best value possible.

Caring for Oyster Jewelry

Oyster is an organic material that has been used in jewelry and art or generations. The Spiny oyster is commonly used and comes in shades of orange, purple and other colors. Today, the shell may be dyed to enhance the color or treated for durability. To keep oyster jewelry looking beautiful, avoid temperature changes, heat, chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners. At SilverTribe, we strive to offer high quality oyster jewelry and only knowingly accept a limited number treatment methods.

Oyster Jewelry