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Malachite Ring Designs

Malachite rings can be used as wedding rings, casual gifts, and even be the prized centerpiece of a collection. The malachite ring is a very adaptable and collectable example of Native American rings.

Malachite rings can range in shape, size and price. They can make a great accessory, or even be an eye-grabbing feature for envious onlookers to admire. At SilverTribe it is our goal to match you to the perfect malachite ring to correspond to your needs and desires.

Our Malachite Ring category is always growing and being stocked with some of the finest rings found anywhere in the world.

The majority of our malachite rings are made of sterling silver or gold, and combinations of the two. As the art of soldering grew more sophisticated, malachite rings became more and more ubiquitous with the cultures of the Southwest.

Soon the Hopi, Zuni and Navajo were making spectacular rings in all sorts of styles and arrangements, like smooth and cobblestone rings and stone clusters in rings for men and women. The Zuni rings are known for gorgeous inlay work, while the Navajo are recognized for their amazing clusters. Nevertheless, these tribes have much more to offer than just one technique. Our artists are only limited by their imaginations.

As these ancient cultures interact new and astounding pieces of wearable art are being realized, while still paying homage to the traditions of their ancestors.

When you're thinking about adding a new accessory to your collection, malachite rings should not be overlooked. Our ring assortment is massive and always growing. Our quality is unmatched.

With the low prices we offer and the enormous inventory of styles we have, it's easy to find something to fit any American Indian malachite ring collector's needs.

The distinction and brilliance of the malachite stone is unrivaled in the industry. Malachite has been valued for its attractive rich green tones and eye-catching banding since the earliest parts of our history.

The prominent feature that identifies Malachite is its radiant banding. Banding is the swirls of color that range from quite dark green to a lovely light green. These bands of color have led many cultures to believe the stones harbor mystical healing powers. Malachite rings are alleged to help mend emotional wounds, and some believe it will strengthen your immune system.

Whether you have spiritual or superstitious reasons for wearing a malachite ring, or you just love the amazing look of the malachite stone, there is no reason we can't find the perfect ring for you.

Once you see the quality of our selection of products, you won't want to spend your hard earned money on inferior items from other outlets.  We hope that our selection of sterling silver malachite rings at prices that no one can compete with will make you a SilverTribe customer for life.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, top quality jewelry, and offering a wide array of popular styles to choose from. Explore our online selection to see for yourself why we are the online leader in Southwest fashion.