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Malachite Bracelet Designs

We have some of the most beautiful malachite bracelets on the market here at SilverTribe. The vibrant bright green coloration makes our malachite bracelets a popular choice for many customers.

The mineral is most commonly set in silver or white gold. We offer malachite bracelets for any occasion, casual or formal.

Malachite is a mineral referred to by scientists as copper carbonate hydroxide and is found all over the world. It is created by the weathering of copper ores and has been mined all over the world. Since its discovery, cultures from various regions have revered this gem, using it for jewelry and art. Some scientists believe different cultures and tribes have been mining malachite for over 3,000 years.

When you buy a malachite bracelet, you'll be wearing a style made popular by the Native American tribes of the Southwest. We carry everything from a stunning hand strung liquid silver malachite bracelet to gems set in a sterling silver malachite bracelet.

The shades of green vary from stone-to-stone, making each example unique in its own way. Some stones are so deep green they appear almost black while others are pale light green.

American Indian artists hand tumble or use machines to shape and polish the stones used in malachite bracelets. It is not a particularly hard stone and should be treated with care. We expertly handle every malachite bracelet to ensure it is shipped to our customers in exceptional condition.

All over the world, different cultures have believed the gem to hold physical and spiritual powers. Some people believe the gem absorbs negative energy and encourages risk-taking. Malachite bracelets are believed to help heal emotional wounds, and is said to strengthen your immune system. Travelers have worn malachite believing that it keeps them safe and alerts them to danger. Some claim malachite to be a fertility aid, and even improves eyesight.

Mo matter why you choose to wear a malachite bracelet, we have the right selection to meet your needs. SilverTribe offers the lowest prices on the best selection of Native American Bracelet products available.

We offer designs from several tribes, including the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi, all of which have their own distinct style. For instance, some of our Navajo malachite bracelets feature expertly engraved silver and beautifully polished malachite gems.

The variation and splendor of the stone is incredible. Malachite has been valued for its lovely deep green tones and stunning banding by mankind since the earliest parts of our history. The striking feature that identifies malachite is its radiant banding. Banding is the swirls of color that range from light green to a very dark green.

The diverse styles we offer are impressive and always priced low. You'll find heavy-duty, strong bracelets with large stones or more dainty options for those formal nights out on the town. Browse our selection to find a great deal on your next malachite bracelet. We are always updating our selection of products to ensure we always have what you are looking for.