Malachite Earrings

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Malachite Earrings – Various Designs

Malachite earrings have been worn by Native Americans to show everything from tribal status to prosperity.  Of course, malachite earrings can be very fashionable. Malachite was a favored stone by the ancient cultures, and it's easy to see why these beautiful stones are so timeless.

Malachite was given its name because of its resemblance to the leaves of the Mallow plant and our malachite earrings have such a strong bond to nature and the plants of the world. Malachite's most key feature is banding, which are the swirls of light and dark green seen making stunning patterns in the stone.

Malachite earrings have become a fundamental part of Native American jewelry. Any proper collection must have at least a couple pairs of malachite earrings.

Southwest tribes such as the Navajo, Zuni, Pueblo and Hopi have been wearing and producing malachite earrings for years. It is a softer stone preferred by artists who found it easy to work with, considering the minimal tools available in some parts of the Southwest at the time malachite was introduced.

At SilverTribe, it is our mission to provide you with access to the finest malachite earrings available. We combine traditional jewelry making with contemporary technology to bring you our impressive collection.

Sterling silver is by far the most common metal used to make malachite earrings, although gold is popular and is a dramatic contrast to the deep green malachite. Sterling silver can be used as a simple setting to show the splendor of a piece of malachite or can be used to create an elaborate and beautiful environment for a malachite earring work of art.

Malachite earrings have been worn for centuries to protect travelers. Some wearers believe the stone helps fertility and boosts the immune system. Whatever your reason, and whatever your style, we can find a pair of beautiful malachite earrings to match your needs. Our continuous supply of top quality products is sure to impress even the pickiest of shoppers.

Our earrings are available in increasingly popular styles that cross-generational and cultural lines and people of all walks of life seem to love these charming earrings. We have a great selection of popular styles available that are sure to grab attention and turn heads.

For an authentic Southwest fashion statement, shop with SilverTribe. We have the best selection of Native American earrings at the lowest prices around. Our customers trust us to provide the newest selections from the best artists and producers in the business.