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At SilverTribe we consider ourselves experts in everything jewelry related. That includes cleaning, maintaining, and even the symbolism behind the various stones and metals we use to bring a splash of nature to your wardrobe. You can learn about all these important elements by using the

SilverTribe Resources

page and the links below.
SilverTribe would like to pass a little of that knowledge along to you. We know we're not the only jewelry store you'll visit, but SilverTribe strives to be the best and that means providing our guests with quality service and jewelry to match.
Everything you'll need to properly maintain your jewelry, for that like-new appearance, to learning the history and meaning behind each piece is available in the SilverTribe Resources page. It doesn't matter whether you're browsing the stunning turquoise pendants or the breathtaking opal rings of any SilverTribe piece, using our resources, you'll know the quality, history, and cultural significance that go into truly fine craftsmanship.

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