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Opal Bracelet Designs

Many styles of opal bracelet designs can be found at our premiere online store. SilverTribe offers the best choices and the lowest prices for any opal bracelet.

We have an amazing catalog of Native American bracelets, but some of our most beautiful examples can be found in our opal bracelet collection. These items, whether link or cuff, are among the most popular products we have in stock.

Since its introduction, many tribes, including Navajo and Zuni, have used this radiant stone. Different artists from various regions, make opal bracelets using traditional patterns and designs that are ingrained in their culture. The greatest thing about SilverTribe is that you can acquire a piece of this wearable art by getting a sterling silver opal bracelet at a great price.

Our opal bracelets are beautiful and have a gorgeous iridescent color to them. We have a dazzling variety in many styles and colors. Having such a large collection in many different sizes and styles makes it easy for you to find the perfect piece. We carry opal bracelets that come with many different stones to create a lovely look. Many of our turquoise bracelets for example feature this wonderful stone, and in fact, it can be found in much of our turquoise jewelry.

Opal is a radiant stone. Some of the beautiful colors of opal bracelets we offer are white, blue, and pink. These stones have always been popular, it is not something new, they were also very popular and highly regarded amongst the ancient Greeks, and they considered the stone to be as precious as diamonds. Greeks were not the only ones to use it; the Romans also used opal to create jewelry.

You're probably wondering what this magnificent stone is and what it is made from. Well, it is a non-crystalline form of the mineral that is called silica. Our opal bracelets can be made with precious or manmade stones. The first type is the precious variety; they do not have an internal structure and are made up of silica spheres. These silica spheres can create internal colors that interfere with light passing through the microstructure of the stone thus giving it the iridescent look that we see.

The irregularity of the sizes and packing of the spheres is what determines that actual quality of these precious stones. Since the discovery of the ordered structure of opals, science has provided us with knowledge and ability to create manmade stones. In our catalog we feature many manmade examples in our bracelets as well as our other Native American Jewelry and southwest jewelry.

Not only does a sterling silver opal bracelet look great when worn, there are also many different stories surrounding the mystical aspects of the stone. For example, it is believed to be very beneficial to one's well being. In some cultures it was even used to help treat people with ailments. It is believed that opal is very helpful in treating infections and fevers, some also believe that it purifies the blood and kidneys. Many people also believe the stone helps trigger originality, dynamic creativity, passion, spontaneity, emotional stability, faithfulness, and strengthens memory. For those of you that are interested in astrology, it is the birthstone for October.

Our Native American sterling silver opal bracelets come in many different styles such as cuffs and link bracelets. The style depends on you what fits your needs, but in the end whatever style you pick, we are sure that you will love it.  Maybe you would prefer a delicate opal inlay bracelet or a larger stone bracelet. Our different styles are made to be easy for you to wear and are easy to take off. Grab a bracelet for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one. We make it easy for you to figure out which opal bracelet suits you best.