Azurite Bracelets

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Azurite Bracelet Designs

At SilverTribe, we offer azurite bracelets in a variety of popular styles. Our collection includes beautiful pieces that capture the creativity and artistry of the American Indian jewelry makers who craft our azurite bracelets.

Azurite, a deep blue mineral created by copper ore deposits, has been known and used since ancient times. The beautiful blue and rich green tones are prized materials among Native American jewelry artists.

Indigenous people all over the world have long believed stones of immense color to hold spiritual and healing powers. For instance, some tribes believe wearing an azurite bracelet can help fine tune problem solving skills and stimulate creativity.

Some cultures refer to azurite as the "stone of heaven" and believe it promotes oneness with the spirit. It is considered sacred to American Indians, some of whom believe the mineral improves the wearer's connection with the spiritual world.

The colors and shades used in our collection often reflect the style and preferences of the artists who make our azurite bracelets. Because this beautiful mineral is a copper deposit, it has been used for generations by tribes in the Southwest.

Although historically speaking azurite is a new addition to the arsenal of materials available to American Indian artists, it's difficult to imagine jewelry today without the presence of azurite bracelets.

With the various types of azurite bracelets we offer, finding the perfect piece to fill your needs should be no problem at all. We have many different handmade treasures crafted by some of the best artists and jewelry makers that are destined to be a cherished piece of jewelry that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Sterling silver is the most commonly used material to create azurite bracelets, 14k gold is used but to a lesser extent. The tribes of the American Southwest have a long and proud tradition of fine silverwork and have adapted azurite into their amazing handmade works of art very easily. There are countless styles of sterling silver azurite bracelets that are being produced throughout the region like the sterling silver Navajo azurite cuff bracelet, azurite bead bracelets, and even on occasion azurite inlay bracelets.

Our collection of azurite bracelets includes liquid sterling silver items featuring different shades of azurite. We also carry sterling silver azurite bracelets with polished beads.

We are likely to carry perfect azurite bracelets that will make an excellent gift or the perfect addition to your collection. Our Native American bracelet inventory is always growing and we are always hand picking the best azurite bracelets to add to our inventory. Here at SilverTribe, we are always making sure that our products are of the highest quality and readily available to our customers at the lowest prices available.