Money Clips

Money Clips

Money Clips

It's safe to say that wallets are one of the most overworked and overly-stuffed accessories we own. Day in and day out, a constant influx of cash, Visa plastic, crumpled receipts, ancient I.D. cards and loose change fatten our already-portly pockets. While cramming a wallet is a somewhat safer alternative to dumping some our most treasured items in a back pocket or the bottom of a purse, there's nothing very appealing, attractive or comfortable about a protruding, plump wallet filling our back pocket.All more the reason to invest in sturdy, sleek money clips to keep your cards and cash securely contained.

Although money clips haven't gained the same traction as traditional wallets in the accessory world, there's no reason they shouldn't compete. Money clips are a supremely affordable, easily-manageable means of ensuring your most prized financial possessions don't become loose and get lost. And what's best of all, they're incredibly sleek – capable of going unseen from within a pocket or small handbag.

SilverTribe is proud to introduce our coveted selection of meticulously crafted, sturdy money clips from our timeless jewelry vaults.

Money Clips from SilverTribe: Functionality Meets Style

Money clips are arguably one of the most useful accessory items an individual can own. Capable of holding multiple cards and bills, money clips can transform a plump, over-stuffed wallet to a sleek and sturdy method for organization.However, while there's no denying the functionality behind replacing your wallet with a money clip, using "cash clamps" are a perfect vehicle for subtle personal expression of style and taste.

At SilverTribe, we've been fortunate enough to sustain several longstanding professional relationships with some of the most talented silversmiths and jewelry artists in the industry. Each artist, defined by a distinctly innovative style and taste, puts meticulous care, intricacy and deep thought into each priceless piece they craft. And it's a process defined by culture, as a large majority of our artists use the breathtaking southwest United States' landscape as a form of inspiration. From dazzling turquoise gems to alluring multi-colored inlay jewels, the kinds of color combinations you can create with a money clip from SilverTribe is truly limitless.

With so many color scheme and design combinations to choose from, finding your perfectly personalized money clip become quick and easy. No two money clips contained within our timeless jewelry vaults contain the same kind of artistry or embellishment as the other, allowing for an incredibly high level of uniqueness and individuality.

Browse our sturdy and simple yet incredibly personalized selection of money clips at right now.

Southwest Fashion Rooted in Affordability

Although the timeless jewelry items contained within SilverTribe's vaults are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, they are entirely affordable as well. We are firm believers that the most unique and personalized accessories should never come at a sky-high cost.

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Although money clips are a crucial component to any accessory collection, it's merely a piece. Be sure to browse our impressive array of rings, earrings, watches, pendants and pins, keychains, necklaces, anklets and so much more.

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