It’s truly amazing the kinds of emotion and personal sentiment that can be stated in a simple piece of jewelry.

From chunky, bold bracelets emitting a palpable air of confidence, to a charming, beaded necklace contouring a collarbone and expressing charm and grace, there are no bounds to the expressions that are possible with luminous, lustrous embellishments.

But in the case of anklets, that expression tends to be a bit more subtle than your conventional kinds of classic jewelry pieces. They’re certainly not the focal point of gaze at first glance, as an anklet tends to be concealed beneath a flowing dress or pant line, or simply too far downward for the eye to see.

With a simple flash of an ankle, a well-placed, glimmering anklet can speak volumes for a woman’s subtle sense of sensuality, femininity and grace. Ankles on women, for the most part, tend to be associated with an increased kind of daintiness, something anklets do well to emphasize ever-so-slightly.

And in the case with SilverTribe’s supremely unique, richly-colored collection of anklets, the subdued expression of elegance is splashed with an essence of southwestern flair. From piercing turquoises to striking corals, the anklets contained within our timeless jewelry vaults are both uniquely delicate and expressive in nature, but reflective of a rich, earthy landscape seen only in the southwestern United States.

We at SilverTribe strongly urge you to explore the classic femininity, elegance and grace behind our collection of sterling silver anklets.

A Dash of Dainty Southwestern Flair

Although the wearing of an anklet originated in the Middle East as traditional, religious body adornments for women, the trend has transcended into western culture as a staple of fashion and flair.

And as is the case with SilverTribe’s unique selection of anklets, that flair comes with a distinct southwest style. The colors contained in our beautiful anklets are interlaid with an array of dazzling turquoise, coral, amber, onyx and opal jewels. And they’re contrasted with a lustrous, slightly rustic, sterling silver finish.

While an anklet is an integral component to any sublime jewelry collection, the dainty bands are merely a piece of the puzzle. Be sure to explore our sizable selection of bolos, belt buckles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, pendants and much more.

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