Denim Lapis Bracelets

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Denim Lapis Bracelet Designs

We have a truly beautiful and diverse selection of Native American bracelets and our denim lapis bracelets are a great option for anyone.

We carry beautiful denim lapis bracelets in a variety of styles to suit any customer's needs. Whether you are in the market for a stunning link bracelet or a basket weave denim lapis bracelet, we can help you find what you are looking for.

You'll find varieties featuring a large stone centerpiece as well as bracelets made with hand-strung denim lapis beads. The styles and techniques highlighted in our selection reflect the artistry and creativity of Southwestern Tribes.

Lapis has been mined and used for jewelry by cultures from all over the world for generations. Some historians believe the stone was first mined in Afghanistan more than 6,000 years ago. Its addition to American Indian jewelry is a somewhat recent development, but compliments the style perfectly.

The stone is made up of various minerals, primarily lazurite. While traditional lapis is a vibrant blue color, denim lapis is a lighter shade of blue that resembles a clear Southwestern sky.

Throughout history, civilizations have revered denim lapis bracelets and believe the stone carries spiritual and healing powers. It is believed to strengthen creativity and awareness and cure insomnia. Ancient cultures ground lapis stones to use for medicine and cosmetics.

Our customers choose SilverTribe's denim lapis bracelets for the sheer beauty and craftsmanship. We work with the best artists in the business to bring you the highest quality products at a great price.

We offer a diverse selection of denim lapis bracelets with beautiful, intricate shading and banding that gives each stone its own style and character. We carry designs made popular by the Hopi, Navajo and Zuni tribes, which have spent generations perfecting their craft.
Not only do we carry styles that reflect the dazzling traditional designs, but we also carry more modern denim lapis bracelets that reflect the style and creativity of today's best artists.

Take some time to browse our growing selection to find the perfect addition to your collection of accessories. We offer the best prices and free shipping on all orders. Customers who choose SilverTribe know they are going to get the best products, prices and customer service the industry has to offer. We are here to satisfy every customer's needs. There are countless reasons to buy an expertly crafted denim lapis bracelet today.