Hematite Earrings

Hematite Earrings – Various Designs

If you want something special and dazzling to add to your Native American earrings collection, a hematite earring would be right for you.  Our selection is spectacular.  The vivid mirror like appearance in this stone is definitely an attention grabber.

With our low prices, we always offer different styles of earrings in hematite making it is easy to find something to fit into any Southwestern jewelry collection.

Multiple styles of hematite earrings can be found in our massive collection of jewelry. SilverTribe offers the best choices and the lowest prices.

These earrings can be a very adaptable piece of American Indian jewelry.  They can be used solely as fashion items. Some cultures use the stone in healing rituals and some believe hematite earrings actually have the power to help win petitions and litigation.

Hematite earrings have been used for healing for centuries. Among many other things, a hematite stone is believed to cure hemorrhages, lower high blood pressure and even alleviate depression.

The striking appearance of the stone set in sterling silver can match up with any outfit and a wide array of colors. At SilverTribe, we will try to match you up with the perfect pair of hematite earrings to suit your desires.

As far as history, hematite has been around for centuries. It has been worn by Pharaohs, Greek women of status, and used by the healers of cultures all around the world. While hematite has a long and diverse history in most of the world, it was extremely popular in Europe during the Victorian era.

Hematite in large has been a new addition to the battery of materials available to American Indian artists. Although some tribes used hematite in small amounts for revered rituals and in the making of sacred items, hematite earrings are more or less a phenomenon of the past several decades.

The majority of hematite earrings are made out of sterling silver, this is most likely due to the stunning and mirror like look of the stone in that setting.  Silver is an exquisite natural complement to the hematite stone, enhancing its already eye-catching appearance.

Some people prefer the more simple and elegant appearance of a pair of hematite stud earrings. Whatever style you prefer, we believe that you will be satisfied. Browse our selection to see why SilverTribe is the online leader in authentic jewelry from tribes such as the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi.

We strive to carry the best selection at amazingly affordable prices. It's easy to find the perfect accessory for your collection.