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Bolo Ties

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Bolo Ties

As the official state neckwear of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, bolo ties are the true epitome of distinctly rugged southwest style and appeal. While the unique jewelry pieces have typically been reserved for dirt-clad rodeos and your grandpa’s closet in recent years, bolo ties are well on their way to making a massive comeback in the fashion world. 

SilverTribe, one of the nation’s leading carriers for finely crafted, naturally-inspired jewelry pieces, has worked hard to create a distinct collection of southwest-infused bolo ties for most any occasion. While our inventory of timeless bolos come packaged with a distinct southwest flair, our unique neckties are fitting for almost any age, particular occasion, or unique style preference.

We urge you to dive in and explore SilverTribe’s impressive array of timeless bolo ties for your accessory collection today.

From a Lone Cowboy to Southwest Style’s Center Stage

While the roots of the bolo tie aren’t exactly set in stone, the most common story involves a traveling cowboy back in the 30s and 40s. Vic Cedarstaff was riding his horse on an incredibly windy afternoon across the Arizona desert plains. In order to keep his silver hatband tucked and secured, Vic looped it instinctively around his neck.

“Nice tie you got,” was the response from a passerby that day.

Although the story has been twisted and embellished continuously since then, the association of bolo ties with rustic cowboy style has transcended time. Throughout the late 1940s and early 50s, Navajo jewelry artists began crafting miniature versions of the bolo neck ties we know today, encrusted with uniquely colorful designs and natural animal or landscape patterns.

Once the rockabilly musicians and rhinestone cowboys began picking up on the trend in the 50s and early 60s, the bolo tie was already well on its way to becoming a distinct fashion staple.

Today, SilverTribe is dedicated to carrying on this tradition of rugged, rural cowboy style with modern day aesthetic allure. Our collection of meticulously crafted bolo ties are dipped in distinct vats of breathtaking shades found only in the southwest United States.

Turquoise, coral, oyster shell, onyx, opal, and multi-colored hues are just a few of the eye-catching gem stone varieties found in our collection of bolo ties.

While the color truly gives each tie a ‘pop’, it’s the intricate design behind every exquisite tie that gives each piece an alluring appeal. Each bolo tie found within SilverTribe’s jewelry vaults is engraved or encrusted with designs, shapes and patterns found only in the southwest United States landscape. From animals and Native American deities to careening riverbeds and canyons, SilverTribe’s collection of bolo ties is a true testament to the vast beauty the region is known for. 

We urge you to explore SilverTribe’s impressive inventory of southwest-infused bolo ties for your cowboy accessory collection.

Natural Style Meets Affordability

At SilverTribe, we are firm believers that the most unique kind of style should never come with a sky-high price tag. As a gift to all our valued customers, SilverTribe is now offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders, including our finely crafted bolo ties.

And what’s more, shoppers are sure to enjoy drastically reduced prices from month to month, as SilverTribe is continuously looking for new ways of making our distinct jewelry pieces affordable for all our customers.

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Be sure to match your bolo tie with a fine-crafted belt buckle from SilverTribe’s impressive inventory of accessories. Available in the same kinds of eye-catching colors and alluring designs, we are confident you’ll find the perfect buckle to complement your naturally-inspired bolo neck tie.

Explore our array of timeless bolo ties and get started on your distinct cowboy style today.