Amber Pendants

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Amber Pendants

The radiant Native American amber pendant can be an essential part of any jewelry collection, and SilverTribe offers a beautiful selection of examples in a variety of styles.

We use some of the highest quality amber available to bring our customers the finest amber pendants on the market. Our artists craft these pieces to highlight this beautiful material and the way it mingles with sterling silver.

Our amber pendants are designed to make the perfect centerpiece for a bracelet or necklace. We always strive to carry the most popular styles to ensure our customers can always find what they are looking for.

While amber has been prized, and mined by world civilizations for hundreds of years, it is not actually a stone. Amber is made up of fossilized tree resin that formed over the course of millions of years.

People have found examples of amber with prehistoric insects preserved inside. Much of the world supply of this material used for amber pendants is mined from the Baltic Sea and it is beautifully implemented in Southwestern jewelry.

Tribes such as the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi have their own amber pendant designs that highlight the craftsmanship and inventiveness of each tribe. The amber used in our jewelry comes in a variety of shades, from yellow and orange, to brown and deep red.

Throughout the centuries, different cultures have believed amber pendants to hold immense spiritual and healing properties. For instance, it is believed to be a protective material that helps ease depression, calm the nerves and draw negativity from the body.

It isn't only the spiritual aspects that attract customers to our amber pendants. The quality of our products and the beauty of our Native American pendants is unmatched. Some of our pendants feature eight stones or more in hand cut bezel settings.

Our customers can also expect the best price possible on the highest quality amber pendants on the market. Each pendant is perfect for both casual and formal affairs and will match nearly any style.

No matter why you choose to wear amber pendants, you have found the right place to find the perfect item to meet your taste and budget. We have big and bold Native American amber pedants with huge and unique stones, small sophisticated pendants and many options in between.

Our amber pendants are truly captivating and sure to be cherished by many generations, which is one of the reasons we insist on providing only the highest quality products because we know that it will be worn and cherished for many years. So shop with us today and see our quality amber pendants first hand, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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