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When it comes to super-trendy accessory pieces lining the glossy pages of glamour and fashion magazines, the section for “Finding Your Perfect Brooch” would probably fall somewhere towards the back, and in tiny-size font (if in the magazine at all).

After all, a classic silver brooch isn’t exactly a piece of jewelry you’d expect to see lining a catwalk. For many people, brooches tend to be associated with a jewelry piece pinned on by the English upper-crust, The Queen of England herself, or our own grandmother.

But while we may associate them with a fashion appeal stuck in the early 20th century, brooches have made a serious comeback in recent years. And it’s a curious crux why we left them hanging in the dust to begin with.

They’re the epitome of vintage inspiration. A well-placed, lustrous brooch pinned atop a sweater has the potential to not only inject shimmer and flair to any plain outfit, but can add a serious expression of personal style and sentiment as well.

SilverTribe is proud to announce our collection of uniquely exquisite, highly personal and supremely lustrous brooches from our timeless jewelry vaults. And while there’s no doubt that every single brooch contains class and elegance, our inventories are splashed with a unique southwestern flair, complementing of the rural, breathtaking landscape the region is known for.

And now, SilverTribe invites you to explore our collection of classic yet inspiring brooches.

The Classic Brooch: Finding Style in the Least Likely Places

Although classic brooches aren’t splashed on the up-and-coming trend reports of Vogue and Glamour, they’re certainly being popularized by a fashionista who has made trend-setting and unique style a household name.

Sarah Jessica Parker, known for her wildly popular role as blogger Carrie on the hit show Sex and the City, has helped to popularize the once-forgotten classic brooch. But while there’s no doubting each particular jewel’s luster and shine, Parker is palpable proof that the placement of a brooch can add some serious statement and intrigue.

Here are just a few of the surprising ways to spruce your style with a uniquely-placed brooch.

  • In the center of a dress or on a bow. Although most tend to associate wearing brooches with the right or left side of a simple cardigan or sweater, placing the brooch in the center of a bust-accentuating outfit can add a sense of symmetry, center and shimmer.
  • In your hair. Of all the ways Carrie on Sex and the City adorned classic brooches, this tends to be the most famous. Consider sporting the piece with a loose side bun.
  • The meeting point of a scarf. The perfect way to dazzle any drab, wintery scarf.
  • With a classic-cut, plain blazer. Although this tends to be one of the more formal variations for sporting a classic brooch, it’s truly a timeless look. Stick with a plain color like navy, black or white, and go bold with the brooch.
  • Atop a buttoned collar. The perfect accent for dressing up a dreary office wardrobe. Pin at the top of a collar and show just a hint of shine.

While the placement ideas we’ve listed here are certainly worth trying out, there are no limits to the kinds of location ideas you can find for a dazzling brooch.

To learn some of the other ways you can dress up a dreary wardrobe, be sure to check out our extensive inventories of stunningly bold bracelets, elegant necklaces and statement-making rings.

A Unique Kind of Southwest Style Appeal

Although brooches have been making a sizable comeback in recent years, the classic pins tend to be associated with just that: classic. After all, brooches have probably been your grandmother’s go-to fashion accessory throughout the decades.

But while the elegant appeal behind classic brooches does well to transcend time, era and culture, sometimes it’s just a bit necessary to add some spice and liveliness to a tired, older style.

At SilverTribe, our collection of brooches is truly one-of-a-kind – and not just because of their incredibly quality and luminous finish. Our inventory of pins and brooches is painted and crafted with the color, design and soul associated with the vastly rich, and immensely beautiful southwest landscape and culture.

Our artists draw on the mesmerizing southwestern United States backdrop as inspiration for our numerous rustic, earthy pieces.

One of the most popular kinds of stones used in our timeless brooch pieces is the curiously stunning turquoise stone. Mined from deep within the earth, turquoise has long been a staple in both southwest style and Native American-inspired jewelry pieces – and for good reason. Turquoise has been frequently cited as the bearer of incredible good luck, not to mention a plethora of other spiritual and meditative powers.

Opal, another classic stone used in a sizable amount of our classic brooches, is as beautiful as it is translucently mesmerizing. Opal tends to take on a variety of shades, from shimmery silver to whimsical white to deep navy. And for this reason, many individuals indigenous to the American southwest see the stone as a gateway to tremendous healing and spiritual power.

To see what other kinds of precious stones are contained within our timeless vaults, be sure to browse the rest of our bracelet, necklace, earring, ring, bolo, buckle, watch and pin inventories for inspiration.

Style, Grace and Affordability

At SilverTribe, we’re firm believers that the most captivating and inspiring kinds of jewelry pieces shouldn’t come at a sky-high price.

As a way of saying thank you to all of our valued SilverTribe customers, we’re now offering FREE SHIPPING on all of our timeless pieces throughout the site.

And what’s more, you can become eligible for exclusive promotional offers, giveaways and serious sales by signing up for our email list on the homepage.

While a classic brooch is a crucial component to any jewelry collection, it should hardly be the last piece you purchase. Be sure to explore our wide array of sterling silver jewelry pieces and find the perfect southwest inspiration to fit your unique style.