Sterling Silver Brooches

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Silver Brooches

A classic silver brooch is the quintessential “black sheep” of the jewelry world.

They’re the kinds of jewels we used to see pinned to our grandmother’s cashmere sweater. For a sizable majority of the population, brooches tend to be reserved for three kinds of people: The Queen of England, an English socialite, or our grandmother.

But it’s a stereotype worth trashing. Perching a lustrous silver brooch atop a cardigan sweater, dress bust line or neutral-colored bag is one of the easiest and most subtle ways to incorporate a hint of flare and embellishment to any outfit.

And now, SilverTribe invites you to find your perfect silver brooch from our collection of vintage-inspired, stunningly classic jewels.

Vintage Flare to Pin Just About Anywhere 

It’s hard for brooches to gain respect when it comes to accessorizing, especially from the subjective opinion of a much younger crowd. However, a well-placed silver brooch has been in the midst making a massive comeback within the past few years, and several red carpet starlets have done well to showcase the pin’s classic appeal.

From Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, to Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, the most style-conscious stars are proving that brooches can be an incredibly simple way to add subtle dazzle to any neutral outfit.

And it’s a look that has transcended time. Classic fashionista’s like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn adorned stunning brooches, and it’s a trend that’s seamlessly managed to carry over to current day.

Aside from the accessory’s ability to splash a dash of shine to an outfit, a silver brooch can double as a symbol for something much deeper. From classic colored ribbons supporting social causes, to time-honored family heirlooms, adorning a brooch – especially from SilverTribe’s highly revered jewelry vaults – can speak volumes for your personal beliefs.

But as subtly stunning and symbolic as a silver brooch may be, their novel status in the jewelry world can create confusion as to how to properly wear one. Here are some tips for how to sport your perfect silver brooch:

  • Try pairing a shimmery vintage silver pin with a classic plain or graphic tee. The contrast of muted and lustrous will surely catch more than a few eyes.
  • Get creative with your brooch placement. Although we tend to associate brooches with the right or left of a collarbone, in reality, a silver brooch can add embellishment to just about any highlighted location on the body. Consider incorporating the jewel into a hairstyle, on top of a neutral-colored bag, or at the meeting point of a tied scarf.
  • When in doubt, pair the bejeweled pin with a classic-cut black, navy or white blazer for a timeless look.  

While our silver brooches add the perfect embellishment to any outfit, they’re not the only kinds of precious silver pieces contained found at SilverTribe. To discover the plethora of bracelets, buckles, necklaces, earrings, watches and rings contained within our time-honored vaults, be sure to continue exploring complete your ultimate jewelry collection.

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