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Amber Bracelet Designs

We have a great selection of beautiful amber bracelets in a variety of styles to suit your needs. This stone has been used in jewelry making for hundreds of years by cultures from all over the world.

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that was deposited millions of years ago and remained impeccable preserved in the earth.

The oldest known example of this stone is believed to be 345 million years old. This incredible material also appears in our collection of American Indian jewelry. Our amber bracelets are among our most sought after products and every stone has its own unique character.

One captivating aspect of the stone is its preserving qualities; scientists have discovered prehistoric bugs and spiders that were trapped in tree resin and became preserved for millions of years.

Our amber bracelets capture the rich depth and details of these semi precious gemstones. Whether you are in the market for an amber cuff bracelet or any other amber Native American bracelet, we have a selection that can meet your needs.

We carry a selection of amber bracelets featuring different shades and sizes. It seems each stone has its own story to tell. Amber has been discovered all over the world, from Ethiopia to Kansas.

While many cultures have made beautiful jewelry and art from this fascinating stone, the tribes of the Southwest incorporated their own style and craftsmanship to produce these stunning amber bracelets.

You can choose an amber bracelet with a single large stone, or one with multiple stones set in beautiful silver. Browse our catalog to find an alluring amber bracelet to match any occasion.

We offer a great selection of amber bracelets at prices that lead the industry. See why our customers trust us with all of their Native American Bracelet fashion and art needs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality items at the best value around.