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The Opal Necklace

Native American opal necklaces and Southwestern opal necklaces can be a stunning addition to any outfit. The radiant sparkling beauty of opal can be an elegant accessory as well as an attention-grabbing centerpiece. We have a beautiful selection of silver and gold opal necklaces in our catalog that is continuously being updated with contemporary and traditional styles.

Some of the styles of opal necklaces we have are hand-strung with stunning stones set into silver pendants. Whether you looking for a simple yet elegant silver opal necklace, or an elaborate gold accessory, we can help find the product that suits your style and personality.

There are two distinct types of opal used in our necklaces, one being the precious and the other being the man made. Precious opal is made up of a structure of silica spheres that distort light and create an iridescent effect. Once the structure was understood, geologists were able to replicate the process and create the second type of opal used in our necklaces, the manmade variety.

Manmade opal stones are magnificently structured in a wide assortment of colors.  Some of the more popular and commonly seen in our collection include the white opal necklace, a blue opal necklace, and even a pink opal necklace.

Native American artists expertly work this magnificent stone into their jewelry designs. One of the great things about this incredible stone is, with all the various colors available, opal can work with any color combination and fits perfectly with many styles.

Our WhiteRock multicolor inlay opal necklaces are a good example of the premiere technique involved with using opal with other materials and gemstones.

Each tribe puts its own style and heritage into their opal necklace designs. The Zuni are known for their inlay work, and opal necklaces packed with detail and workmanship. The Navajo often use opal in pendants that hang on bead necklaces.

Whether you are in the market for something subtle and elegant, or extravagant and formal, we have an extensive inventory of opal necklaces for our customers. We have gorgeous butterfly opal necklaces available in multiple sizes and a large selection of the high quality inlaid link opal necklaces.  We even have delightful opal squash blossom necklaces. Our goal is to stock a wide array to fit whatever need you have.

Here at SilverTribe we want nothing less than to be your one and only source for the best opal necklace designs and Native American necklaces on the market. We know that our success depends on keeping our customers satisfied with quality and price, and that to us means bringing you the highest quality jewelry at the lowest prices possible.

We also pride ourselves on fast shipping, very honest representation of our jewelry, and great customer service. Don't just take our word for it, look at our huge assortment of opal necklaces and jewelry, give us a try and we know you will not be disappointed.

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