Oyster Pendants

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Oyster Pendants

Nothing captures the beauty and artistry of Native American pendants like a well-crafted oyster pendant.

You'll be amazed by our massive selection of oyster pendants in a range of colors and styles that represent the talent and artistry of every Southwestern tribe. Whether you are looking for a deep red variety set in beautiful sterling silver or a spectacular inlay oyster pendant, you'll find the perfect item to reflect your distinguishing style.

American Indians have used oyster shells in jewelry for generations. In the Southwest, the most popular option is the spiny oyster shell, which comes in a variety of beautiful colors. These shells are often harvested from the Sea of Cortez.

The shells used in our oyster pendants are meticulously carved, polished and placed in sterling silver to create a truly authentic piece of jewelry.  Shells are believed to harbor spiritual and healing powers in different parts of the world. Some believe it will stimulate intuition, sensitivity and promote clear decision-making.

Polished shells come in several sizes, colors and styles. Some artists form small beads that are individually set in a pendant featuring more than 70 shells in bezel settings. The patience and skill it takes to make such a pendant is an amazing skill that has been passed down for generations.

 Our oyster pendants also come in a number of different colors from red to orange and plenty of shades in between. We also have a leading selection on pendants crafted using the inlay technique. Various stones and shells are carved and placed to create a dazzling array of detailed colors.

We have oyster pendants with opal inlays in several shapes, including horses and dragonflies, to name just a few.