Onyx Jewelry Culture

At SilverTribe, we strive to carry the highest quality onyx jewelry on the market at the best prices available. While the different shades of onyx span the realm of colors, dark or black varieties are the most common and popular.

This beautiful stone is traditionally given to mark the 7th wedding anniversary. It's also the birthstone for August. For Native Americans, it holds separate, but important meanings. Tribal cultures believe onyx jewelry has the power to repel negativity and deflect the bad vibes of others. It is also believed to enhance perseverance and increase determination.

But our customers aren't only drawn to the spiritual aspects of onyx jewelry. Our selection includes some of the most dazzling examples of this versatile stone. Onyx has been in style for generations and our American Indian onyx jewelry is as timeless today as it as when tribes first started implementing the stone.

Our selections include a variety of onyx beads, pendants and tear drops, to name just a few. Our Navajo onyx necklaces often mix opal with other stone beads to create a stunning contrast of colors. We also feature products designed by Zuni, Hopi and Pueblo tribes.

Our artists produce some of the most intricate and sought after designs. Every piece of onyx jewelry we carry honors the timeless tradition of the tribes of the Southwest as well as the classic styles. It really is the perfect choice for any occasion, whether formal or relaxed.

Fashion enthusiasts love our onyx jewelry because it will match anything, making it a reliable accessory for any occasion. Our onyx bracelets make a wonderful gift for yourself or loved ones. The detail and stone cutting is impeccable and always looks beautiful against a sterling silver backdrop.

We also carry a diverse and tasteful collection of onyx earrings to match any style or budget. The fine stonework and inlay techniques make these products among our most popular examples of onyx jewelry.

Of course no onyx jewelry collection would be complete without a great inventory of onyx rings. The rich black color compliments the vibrant colors of opal perfectly and the beauty of our authentic collection of American Indian jewelry never fails to impress even our most demanding customers.

Quality and style is always at the forefront when we select our onyx jewelry. SilverTribe works with artists and jewelry designers to acquire the best stones and highest quality craftsmanship available. We want to make sure our customers will be able to enjoy their onyx jewelry purchase for many years, and even pass it on for other generations to enjoy.

Browse through SilverTribe's collection of onyx jewelry to find the perfect piece to add to your collection. We have the best selection online to ensure our customers can always find what they are looking for.

Find out why our customers are the most loyal in the business. They continue to come back to find the best deals on top quality authentic onyx jewelry. We provide top-notch customer service and always respond to our customers' needs.

Onyx Jewelry Care

Onyx is a beautiful and durable stone that will look wonderful for years when properly cared for. To keep your stones in prime condition, avoid sudden temperature changes, heat, ultrasonic cleaners and chemicals. Onyx may be dyed to enhance its color. Because we strive to offer the highest quality stones, SilverTribe only knowingly accepts certain forms of stone treatment.

Onyx Jewelry