Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Culture

Our Lapis jewelry designs are among the most popular products we carry here at SilverTribe. This vibrant stone has been mined for more than 6,000 years in some parts of the world.

Its addition to American Indian jewelry has only added to the variety and beauty of our selection. We offer a massive selection of lapis jewelry in a stunning array of designs.

Our lapis lazuli rings are a great example of the versatility and artistry of Southwest tribes. We carry lapis inlay rings as well as rings featuring denim lapis and sterling silver. Every design captures the style that makes Native American craftsmanship so respected in the industry.

Our lapis lazuli necklaces are also a very popular item in our collection. Our most sought after examples include beautiful stone centerpieces and pendants hand-set in beautifully detailed sterling silver. Other designs feature beautiful vibrant lapis beads.

We also carry a leading selection of lapis lazuli bracelets to suit any taste or budget. Whether you are in the market for a simple, tasteful example or an intricately designed and crafted sterling silver variety, we can help you find a beautiful piece of lapis jewelry.

At SilverTribe, you'll also find a dazzling selection of lapis lazuli earrings in a variety of styles and price points. Our earrings are among the most popular examples of lapis jewelry we carry.  This selection includes beautiful examples featuring the inlay technique. 

Different cultures throughout history have revered lapis jewelry not only for its radiant blue color, but because many believe the stone carries mystical powers. Some believe lapis represents friendship and truth. It is also said to improve harmony between the wearer and his or her surroundings.

Of course our customers also choose lapis jewelry for the sheer beauty and the craftsmanship and value we provide with every item. For instance, our lapis lazuli pendants feature designs of Southwestern tribes and artists. Consider a stunning inlay centerpiece set in expertly crafted sterling silver. We also carry pendants in various shapes, such as dragonflies and bears.

If you are searching for any type of lapis jewelry, look no further. We always carry a massive selection and strive to provide every customer with the perfect product at the best price possible.

SilverTribe is the online leader in lapis jewelry thanks to our ability to provide the leading selection of the most sought after styles. Our artists use techniques that have been revered for generations while exploring their own creativity and artistic vision.

Browse our growing selection to find the best price on the perfect piece of jewelry to add to your accessory collection. Your purchase will be shipped right to your home for free. To learn more about our products and to gain access to exclusive deals, sign up for our email list.

Treating Your Lapis Jewelry Right

Lapis stones will last for a long time, particularly those treated with colorless resin or luster enhancement. Even with treated stones, it's still important to avoid temperature swings. Lapis should not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners or chemicals.

At SilverTribe, it's our goal to provide the highest quality stones and only knowingly accept certain forms of treatment. We make every effort to ensure our products will look beautiful for years to come.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry