Eagle River Jewelry Theme

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The Eagle River Jewelry Collection

Our Eagle River jewelry theme is part of SilverTribe's exclusive WhiteRock Collection.

For centuries, the eagle has held strong cultural significance for the Southwestern tribes. Many Native American cultures revere the eagle as master of the skies. They fly higher and see better than any other bird.

Tribes view the eagle as a messenger tasked with carrying the prayers of man to the creator who resides in the spiritual realm. If an eagle appears during a prayer ceremony, it is believed the prayer was accepted.

Our Eagle River jewelry theme is inspired by the tribes of the Four Corners region and the sacred place the eagle holds in their daily lives.

Every piece in this collection is made using a specific combination of colors. You'll find shades of blue, green and brown. The stones used may include Emerald Valley Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and other high-grade gemstones.

 This powerfully beautiful collection is handcrafted by some of the most talented artists in the industry. Our Eagle River jewelry theme highlights the craftsmanship and skill involved in mastering the inlay technique. Several shades of stones are meticulously carved, ground and placed in sterling silver.

Our Eagle River jewelry does not only honor the eagle, but also the rivers that have sustained life for Southwest tribes for hundreds of years. The Navajo believe the four major rivers that run through their homeland are sacred.

On the Black Mesa, Hopi tribes hold the water under the ground in sacred regard. They believe the area was the final destination of their migrating forefathers, who believed the region represented the earth center – the water below is still considered the "lifeblood" of the Hopi tribe.

If you're looking for a stunning handcrafted piece of jewelry inspired by the rich heritage and dazzling craftsmanship of Native American tribes, our Eagle River collection is the perfect fit.

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