Liquid Silver Anklets

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Liquid Silver Anklet Designs

If you are looking for an amazing price on liquid silver jewelry, check out our collection of liquid silver anklets.

Our selection features popular styles designed by Southwest tribes such as the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi. You'll find beautiful liquid silver anklets featuring a variety of different stones to ensure you can always find the right product at the right price.

 Liquid silver anklets are made up of many finely cut sterling silver beads, which are expertly strung together, making it smooth to the touch and giving it a liquid-like shimmer.

Typically, artists choose from four styles of liquid silver anklet beads: heishi, capsule, corrugated and tube.  The style of bead used depends on the artist's vision for the final product and the type of style being made. To create a top quality liquid silver anklet requires talented silversmiths who can flawlessly blend the beads smoothly.

Our artists craft stunning liquid silver anklet patterns to create elegant and vibrant designs to match anyone's style. You'll find anklets at unbeatable prices; in fact, we have an amazing variety of liquid silver anklets featuring magnificent stones for under $20.

Explore our collection yourself to see what makes SilverTribe the online leader in Native American fashion. Our products reflect the creativity, spirit and artistry that have made American Indian jewelry so popular for generations.

You'll always find the best price on sought after liquid silver anklet designs. Our anklets are perfect for any season or any occasion and at prices like these, there's no excuse not to add a couple to your collection.

Shop with us today and experience the best collection of Southwest fashion items on the market. We strive to carry the best inventory in the business while providing prompt, helpful customer service. Our customers can always count on free shipping and discounted prices.