Sterling Silver Keychains

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Sterling Silver Keychains

When it comes to purse or pocket staples, for men and women alike, keys are a constant. Every time we leave our house or travel in our cars, our keys are perched by our sides or dangling from our ignition.

So if keys are - quite literally – attached at our hips and in constant use, don’t they deserve the same fashion recognition as many of our other most prized accessories and jewels?

Here at SilverTribe, we’re firm believers in the brilliance, beauty and personality a meticulously carved keychain can hold. SilverTribe is proud to present our extensive collection of incredibly simple, yet enticingly beautiful, sterling silver keychains.

Sterling Silver Keychains: More than Just a Dangling Set of Silver Keys

Keys tend to be one of the more predictable nickel plated creations. But as boring as they appear, keys are a direct extension to something far more treasured. Whether it’s the key to your brand new apartment or home, or the starter for a shiny vehicle, keys are a direct correlation of something we’re proud of owning.

At SilverTribe, we understand the importance behind decorating your medley of keys with uniquely distinct, and captivatingly colorful, sterling silver keychains. Our collection of dazzling sterling silver keychains contains a luminous sterling silver finish, contrasted against an incredibly colorful “pop” of southwestern-inspired jewels.

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A Reflection of Unique Southwestern History, Landscape and Beauty

Each of our unique sterling silver keychains comes presented with an immensely rich, contextual story and history. SilverTribe has been fortunate to build long-lasting relationships with some of the most prized silver artists in the industry, each incorporating a distinctly different, time-honored tradition into their pieces.

Many of the artists that have contributed to SilverTribe’s selection of sterling silver keychains draw inspiration from the southwestern landscape that surrounds them. From piercing corals of cavernous rivers and canyons, to rustic reds and earthy ambers encompassing the desert landscape, the artists behind SilverTribe’s mystic collections have used the same natural muse for thousands of years.

And what’s more, the brilliant hues perched atop our collection of sterling silver keychains come contrasted with an incredibly lustrous sterling silver canvas. Sterling silver is a “silver hybrid” of sorts, containing the brilliant shine behind pure silver, but with the added durability and fade protection of various other alloys.

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Style Should Never Be Synonymous with Outrageous Prices

Here at SilverTribe, we’re firm believers that the most captivating and customizable styles should never come attached to a sky-high cost. All of the unique pieces contained within our vaults, as meticulously crafted and intricately detailed as they may be, come with an incredibly affordable price.

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After you’ve browsed through our selection of customizable sterling silver keychains to match your distinct personality, we encourage you to continue browsing SilverTribe to complete your southwestern-inspired accessory collection.