Southwest Birthstone Calendar

Native American Birthstones have a powerful history and culture that's deeply rooted in the mysticism of the elements. Depending on the time of year you were born, it's believed the power of nature will heavily influence your personality and future. As a result, many people wear these birthstones to provide them with health benefits, emotional stability, and even protection. Birthstones are formed and derive their power from nature to connect with the land they live, love, and grow on. As we live our entire lives on the Earth, it's only natural to be shaped and strengthened by the very land that encompasses our daily lives.


January Birthstone Jewelry

Garnet, Jet, Sugilite


The Cold Moon

A time of deep and chilling air, January is the month of the "Cold Moon". For many people, the frigid air and lack of fresh food evoke a sense of togetherness within families. Garnet birthstones or "stone of health" is often worn during this time to grant wellness and good health during the "Season of Scarcity." Jet birthstones are also used to protect people during these particularly cold times. As families come together indoors and remain in tight quarters, many families wear Sugilite, birthstones that glow warmly with the power of spiritual connection to bring people closer together.


February Birthstone Jewelry

Amethyst, Coral, Agate


The Bone Moon

February is a time when the cold reaches its zenith and the effects of the harvest lead to depletion. Animals gnaw deeply into the marrow of bones for sustenance, giving life to the month of the "Bone Moon." Amethyst birthstones are worn by people born in this month to bring tranquility to the mind and protect you against the madness of hunger. However, avoiding the pain of hunger is not always enough. For this reason, this time is also associated with Coral and Agate birthstones to protect the wearer's health and refresh the damage that has already been done.


March Birthstone Jewelry

Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Onyx


The Wind Moon

A period of renewal and rebirth, March marks the dawn of the "Wind Moon" and prepares the Earth for spring by blowing away the past and dead leaves along with it. The birthstones commonly worn for this month are Aquamarine, Bloodstone, and Onyx. Aquamarine is associated with letting go of the past to help prepare your mind for the future. While it's vital to let go of bad energy and rid yourself of harmful memories; it's also important to take strength from your familial roots. For that reason, the Bloodstone creates a divine connection with your ancestry to provide you with enlightenment for the revival period. As you embrace this season of revitalization and the many changes it will bring, Onyx birthstones will bring you peace and tranquility to calm your mind as you find the strength to meet new challenges head on.


April Birthstone Jewelry

Diamond, Citrine, Rhodonite


The Flower Moon

The "Flower Moon" season is a time of revival as well. Flowers swing lazily in the breeze and the temperature is ideal for all living things to grow. As a person, nurturing growth requires focusing on the internal. Citrine birthstones promote the strengthening of mental prowess and emotional stability, allowing you to reach your full potential in this season. Diamonds are also heavily associated with April. These hard birthstones possess a glistening clarity that radiates and inspires awe, giving the bearer renewed strength and lucidity. While some may find this time of change comforting, others may feel a sense of uncertainty and confusion. Rhodonite birthstones are imbued with the power to maintain mental stability through these times of change.


May Birthstone Jewelry

Emerald, Jasper, Rhodochrosite

Birthstones Jewelry

The Planting Moon

May is the time of the year when soil is most fertile and ready to be sowed. To truly thrive during "The Planting Moon" Emerald birthstones are worn as symbols of growth in abundance. It also protects you from negative thoughts of doubt. To ensure the seeds of prosperity grow in full bloom, Jasper birthstones are commonly used by people born in the "Planting Moon" month. People born during this month also know what it means to face emotional struggle and battle self-doubt. Rhodochrosites are birthstones said to heal the deep wounds of people suffering from trauma and give them the internal strength to make their dreams and ideas blossom with the full force of spring.


June Birthstone Jewelry

Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone, Jade


The Green Corn Moon

The "Green Corn Moon" springs forth, displaying the vitality and ripeness of the fruits of your labor. June is the month of Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone, and Jade. To create viability in any endeavor, you must possess the balance that Pearl bestows. This month is the very essence of balance, being the center of the calendar year, and many of the birthstones associated with this time concern both an inward and outward balance. Alexandrite improves the circulation of blood while the Moonstone provides balance by allowing you to release old trauma and take in new opportunities. To maintain this balance, Jade is often worn to provide emotional sturdiness and general positivity.


July Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby, Carnelian, Charoite


The Ripe Corn Moon

The perfect mix of life and viability, July is the "Ripe Corn Moon" and represents nature at its peak of life and vitality. Because this zestful life energy pervades the air; Rubies are perfect birthstones for people born in July. The Ruby harnesses life energy to give you creative focus that naturally yields your best and brightest work. For an even more productive "Ripe Corn Moon," Carnelian birthstones boost your confidence and make you swell with intelligence. It must never be forgotten that July is also a time where bold choices must be made. Charoite are the perfect complement birthstones, as it brings courage to the wearer.


August Birthstone Jewelry

Peridot, Howlite, Oyster Shell


The End of Fruit Moon

A time of fading and wither, August (also known as the "End of Fruit Moon") begins the season of decay. Crops are no longer at their peak and people born in this month know what it is to experience loss. People must look for a way to strengthen the body and mind. Oyster Shell birthstones are hardened by the roughness of nature and mirror the lives of those born in this month to provide them with resilience. Peridot birthstones are also worn in this month to purify the body from the coming period of decay. For the mind, Howlite birthstones can be worn to bring a calming clarity to get you through rough times in your life.


September Birthstone Jewelry

Sapphire, Tiger Eye, Pietersite


The Nut Moon

Nature can take away but it also likes to give. During September, nuts begin to fall from trees as a new source of nutrients, marking the beginning of the "Nut Moon" month. This is a period where you need to be wise and conservative with the good fortune you're blessed with. For those born in this month, wearing the Sapphire, Tiger Eye, and Pietersite birthstones can help you thrive. Sapphire grants you increased intuition and Zen-like peace. While Tiger Eye helps keep the positive and negative energy in balance as you prepare for the winter months. Piertersite birthstones are associated with September as well and are believed to give good health and protection to the elderly.


October Birthstone Jewelry

Opal, Tourmaline, Hematite, Amber


The Harvest Moon

The "Harvest Moon" of October is the season of resourcefulness. As the crops begin to fade, it's time to gather what's left of the harvest and save for winter. People born into this month wear birthstones that promote cunning and endurance. Opal is said to aid the wearer with psychic visions and strengthen your connection to the spirit of nature. Going along with this theme of inner-strength, Tourmaline is also worn as a way to diminish fear and release built up tension. Likewise, Hermite and Amber birthstones bring positivity and stability into your life to help keep you focused for the oncoming winter.


November Birthstone Jewelry

Topaz, Azurite, Malachite


The Trading Moon

November, also known as the "Trading Moon" is a time for community and endurance. During this season, people know the importance of trading as resources become scarcer. As a way to flourish during this month, people born in November should wear Topaz, Azurite, or Malachite/ Topaz birthstones to increase your natural insight and wisdom. Azurite creates keen awareness and Malachite protects the wearer and endows them with courage. All of these birthstones come together to gives those born in this month the creativity and ingenuity to thrive during a time of scarcity.


December Birthstone Jewelry

Turquoise, Tanzanite, Lapis Lazuli


The Snow Moon

The epitome of winter, December is known as the "Snow Moon" and signifies the full force of winter. This time of the year requires luck and protection to endure. Turquoise birthstones bring good fortune as well as health, positivity, and protection. Those born in December should also wear Tanzanite and Lapis Lazuli. Tanzanite birthstones serve to slow down the everyday and calm a busy mind as where Lapis Lazuli protects the wearer from physical harm. Possessing the strength and endurance to press on will allow you to move closer to spring, as you begin the cycle of renewal again.