Wild River Jewelry Theme

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The Wild River Jewelry Collection

Our Wild River jewelry theme is part of SilverTribe's exclusive WhiteRock collection.

The stones and coloration is inspired by the rushing rivers that play a sacred role in the lives of Native American tribes of the Southwest. For the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni tribes, water is the central life element and lies at the very heart of their spiritual beliefs.

Many Hopi people believe water has its own life and spirit - even its own song. Water must be respected and honored because of its connection to life and the spiritual realm.

Our Wild River Jewelry theme is made using the finest stones available and crafted to the highest standards of quality and beauty. Every piece in this collection is handcrafted and inspired by the tribes that have revered the importance and life-sustaining qualities of Southwest rivers.

The stones used in our Wild River jewelry theme create the most stunning combinations of color. Each one is hand selected to ensure they are of the highest quality and will fit perfectly with the theme.

The combinations for this theme are blue, navy blue, purple and opal. The highest-grade stones are used – including turquoise, lapis, purple oyster shells and several shades of opal.

Like water, the stones used to make the jewelry in our Wild River theme hold significant spiritual meanings for cultures all over the world. Some believe turquoise brings good fortune, strength and will even help people overcome certain illnesses.

Opal is widely known for its stunning interplay of dazzling colors. Some cultures believe opal can awaken mystical qualities and psychic abilities.

The stones used in this collection may vary based on availability and color. See the individual product descriptions to learn which stones may be used in your desired product.

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