Mystic River Jewelry Theme

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The Mystic River Jewelry Collection

Our WhiteRock Collection Mystic River jewelry theme pays homage to the rivers of the Southwest and the tribes who hold those waters sacred.

Made with the finest combinations of stones, including turquoise, every item in the collection is handcrafted to the highest standards.

The Navajo tribe is one of many with sacred and historical links to the Grand Canyon, carved into the earth over millions of years by the Colorado River. Historians believe the tribe first settled near the canyon in the 1600s.

The Navajo believe there are four sacred rivers, the Rio Grande, Little Colorado, Colorado and San Juan. For centuries, these rivers sustained live and helped the tribes of the Four Corners region flourish.

In the 1900s, Navajos were introduced to the craft of working silver. The result was stunningly beautiful jewelry featuring turquoise and other stones found in the region.

It is this history and artistry that inspired SilverTribe's Mystic River jewelry theme. Every item in this collection highlights the vibrant blue of the water and skies. Some of the stones used in this theme include the highest-grade turquoise available along with blue or white fiery opal.

The stones used will vary depending on quality and availability. Our artists only select the highest quality stones. The specific combination of color used is blue and opal. Turquoise is known for its immense beauty and depth, while opal is sought after for its interplay of colors and semi transparent nature.

The stones mingle together perfectly for a truly dazzling interplay of color and texture inspired by the traditional methods of jewelry making.

You won't find higher quality products at these prices anywhere. At SilverTribe, we strive to offer the most exceptional value on a massive selection of products inspired by the spirit and history of American Indian artists.

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