Hopi Pottery

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Hopi Pottery

The Hopi tribe is revered as a peaceful people with the utmost respect for the planet as well as the balance between man and all living things. For generations, this tribe has produced stunning examples of Hopi pottery.

Our selection of Hopi pottery leads the industry in quality and value. We have Hopi pottery designs that will be an asset to any art collection. The Navajo Nation surrounds the Hopi reservation and Hopi pottery designs actually share some similarities with their Navajo counterparts, but there are several factors that make Hopi pottery unique.

Today's Hopi pottery designs reflect various clans that have put their own stamp and style into this wonderful form of art for hundreds of years. Hopi pottery is an evolving art that captures the rich cultural history of the Hopi tribe while developing new artistic styles and designs.

Like many other tribes and clans, Hopi pottery employs the use of symbols. Some symbols have retained their meaning for hundreds or thousands of years while others have been lost to time. Common imagery you'll see on our Hopi pottery for sale includes stunning landscapes, rain, lightning, thunder and rainwater.

Hopi Indian pottery uses symbols to represent aspects of everyday life as well as culturally and spiritually significant symbols. While some Hopi pottery designs portray specific symbols or ideas, others are the result of the artist's personal vision and taste.

That artistic sprit is reflected in all of our Hopi pottery for sale. Our selection continues to grow, featuring work from some of the most talented Hopi Indian pottery makers around.

While browsing through our catalog, you may come across Hopi pottery designs that feature imagery of natural forces, such as the morning star, the sun and other symbols many believe depict the cycle of life and renewal.

Symbols of spirits can also be found on some of our Hopi pottery. Such symbols typically resemble human shapes, but represent spirits that hold significant meaning. Examples include the storyteller, Kokopelli and the Twins. Perhaps the most recognizable is the Kokopelli, a deity that represents fertility.

Other depictions that are popular among Hopi pottery makers include animals and feathers. Many people believe every animal represents a separate aspect of human nature. Some of the more common depictions include bears, deer, horned lizards, turtles and coyotes. Animal tracks are also featured on many Hopi pottery designs and many people believe these symbolize leadership, shelter and kinship. Feathers are believed to be very important to the Hopi tribe and symbolize the creator.

Circular feathers are believed to represent dance costumes as well as traditional war bonnets. People also believe feathers are also used to tell of the history of wars and other significant historical events. Hopi Indian pottery reflects a deep commitment to spirituality and the importance of retaining cultural practices.

Today's Hopi pottery makers skillfully find a balance between history, spirituality and their own artistic creativity. The artwork you'll find on this website features many alluring designs that will make a fantastic addition to your art collection.

Browse through our selection of Hopi Indian pottery to find a piece of Native American Pottery that speaks to you. We have something for every style. We always have a great selection of items on sale to meet any budget or style.