Navajo Kachina Dolls

A Navajo Kachina doll is a wonderful addition to any home, and a respectable present to a loved one as a form of congratulations or celebration. The Navajo Kachina dolls are crafted with care and are made to represent a variety of spirits and deities within the Navajo culture.

The Navajo Kachina, or Katsina, dolls were originally created as trade commodities between the Navajo and nearby cultures. Though many were used in trade and selling, the Kachina were also kept by members of the Navajo tribe as decoration and praise.

There are over 500 types of Kachina dolls made by the Navajo people. The dolls are crafted using many different materials including wood, cloth, sticks, stones, paint, feathers, and more. The dolls are crafted in the likeness of a spirit or deity from the Navajo belief, with each representing a meaning or purpose. For example, the Eagle Kachina is seen a protector spirit in times of war, so it is made with long feathers spanning outward to give it a powerful stance.

Navajo Kachina dolls are a great gift to celebrate an accomplishment such as a graduation, a wedding, or birthdays. Shop our selection of Navajo Kachina dolls and find one that fits you.