Nature Green Turquoise Jewelry Collection

All things come from nature. This is a belief held by many Native American and Southwestern artists featured on From the Earth, their materials are taken and with their imagination, those gems and precious metals are used to create beautiful works of art. This cohesive merge talent and nature come together to give people that sense of childlike wonder we all once held at one point in time.

Similarly, Pantone, “the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems,” launches a color to begin the New Year and bring you back to nature’s essential beauty.

Pantone’s 2017 color of the year has been announced as “Greenery,” the fine green-yellow hue that holds your first memories of spring and connects you to the larger radiance of nature, is ushering in a new age of fashion. The latest designs are being woven from imagination to bring people the fulfillment that comes with standing outside as the first raindrop falls or the calm relaxation of standing alone in the quiet of a forest.

Yes, Pantone’s Greenery is a color that promises to refresh and reinvigorate your perception of the world around you. We at have used this shade in our latest green turquoise jewelry collection to put life and luster back into your wardrobe.

Collaborating with our artisans, we want to continue the powerful impact Pantone’s “Greenery” has had on both the individual and the fashion industry. We are introducing a new line of green turquoise jewelry that helps you step into this new fashion trend with style.

Green turquoise jewelry gives you all the psychological benefits of staring into the deeply rich color, improving connectivity to others and relaxing your mind.

All of life’s greatest gifts are granted by nature and this collection allows people to express that profound connectivity and spirit with pieces made by artists that know and respect this one universal fact.

Greenery Green Turquoise Jewelry