Azurite Jewelry Culture

SilverTribe carries a great selection of azurite jewelry that captures the artistry and heritage of the Southwestern tribes. The lovely blue and green tones of the azurite stone are breathtaking and are very popular this season.

We carry only the finest Native American azurite jewelry available and use the best azurite stones we can find. As the online leader in Southwestern jewelry, we have access to some of the most talented artists in the industry who produce beautiful and sought after azurite jewelry.

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Azurite is a beautiful blue stone that has streaks or blotches of green mixed in, the green in azurite is actually deposits of malachite that have formed inside the gorgeous blue crystal structure. This stunning contrast found in azurite has been sought after by civilizations throughout history and the Native American people of the Southwest are no different.

We carry a great selection of azurite bracelets in a variety of styles. Our items are expertly crafted by some of the best artists in the business.

Many tribes have used azurite for spiritual purposes and believe it carries supernatural powers. It has been cherished as a healing stone for centuries and many believe azurite to be a powerful force that brings spiritual guidance, a clearer understanding of the world around you and even expands the mind and consciousness.

We stock a full line of traditional azurite jewelry that can range anywhere from the simple Navajo earring or bear paw to the spectacular, head turning items perfect for formal occasions.

No matter what kind of azurite jewelry you are looking for, whether it's an authentic pair of handmade earrings or a more contemporary sterling silver azurite teardrop bracelet, SilverTribe is destined to have the perfect item at the best price around.

At SilverTribe we partner traditional jewelry making techniques with modern technology to bring you the best azurite jewelry direct from the people of the great American Southwest to your front door.

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What You Should Know About Your Azurite Jewelry

While the azurite used in jewelry is usually treated and stabilized to ensure a long life and optimal luster, taking care of your stones will help keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Avoiding drastic changes in temperature, chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners is always a safe bet with azurite.

Azurite commonly undergoes treatment to ensure the stones are jewelry-grade and high quality. These treatments include stabilization with colorless plastic or resin, luster enhancement, dyed or lab created. SilverTribe makes every effort to ensure our products meet or exceed the highest industry standards of quality.


Azurite Jewelry