Amber Jewelry Culture

SilverTribe carries a great selection of amber jewelry to suit an array of styles. Cultures all over the world have embraced amber for centuries due to its rich color and stunning beauty.

Our amber holds the same vibrant allure and rich color that has captivated civilizations for thousands of years. We carry several examples of real amber jewelry set expertly in silver.

The earliest evidence of amber being used in jewelry dates back more than 13,000 years. Amber ornaments have been found in ancient tombs and other excavation sites around the world. Archeologists have also found what appear to be amber beads in the gravesites of ancient civilizations.

While many people refer to amber as a stone, it is actually a fossilized tree resin that forms over millions of years. The oldest known example of amber is believed to be more than 345 million years old. Scientists have discovered perfectly preserved insects and other items trapped inside amber for millions of years.

Yet amber is best known for its use in jewelry. It is a beautiful ornament in any style, but pairs particularly well with sterling silver. Most of the amber found in jewelry does not feature inclusions such as insects and leaves. It's usually polished to highlight the natural color and detail. Amber jewelry is also durable, considering the material itself formed over the course of millions of years.

Amber jewelry also has a spiritual side. In some cultures, Amber is believed to calm nervousness, ease depression and protect the wearer by drawing disease and negativity out of the body. In select Asian cultures, amber is regarded as the "soul of the tiger" and provides strength and courage.

The Native American tribes of the Southwest also hold amber in very high regard. It is a beautiful addition to amber bracelets, amber rings and amber necklaces. The shades and depth and beautiful color range makes amber a sought after material among customers and American Indian jewelry makers.

Jewelry makers from several Southwest tribes implement amber in their designs and have produced some of the most stunning examples of amber jewelry available on the market today.

Our amber jewelry always highlights the beauty of this semi-precious material as well as the craftsmanship of the artists who design our amber earrings and amber pendants.

Amber can be found in a stunning range of colors from the common yellow orange and brown mixture to almost black. Red and cherry amber is beautiful and highly sought after.

At SilverTribe, we strive to carry a diverse selection of amber jewelry highlighting the beautiful and detailed amber we can find. We are always offering huge discounts on the most popular styles of Native American amber jewelry. Come see why our customers keep returning. If you're looking for top quality products at the best prices around, look no further.

Taking Care of Your Amber Jewelry

While amber is often heated to enhance appearance and strengthen the stone (which is actually a fossilized tree sap) there are still steps that can be taken to ensure your amber jewelry will look beautiful for years to come. It's always a good idea to avoid temperature swings, chemicals, cosmetics and ultrasonic cleaners.

There are several treatment methods commonly used to ensure amber is jewelry-grade and durable. The stones may be treated with oils and pressure, oils or – much less commonly – lab created. At SilverTribe, we make absolutely every effort to ensure all of our products meet or exceed the highest standards of quality.

Amber Jewelry