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Oyster Bracelet Designs

Southwest tribes have used oyster shells for centuries for adornment, art and jewelry. At SilverTribe we have an amazing collection of oyster bracelets crafted by some of the most talented artists in the business.

Jewelry makers who admire the beauty and staying power of such magnificent fossils seek out the shells, some of which date back to prehistoric times. From New England to the West Coast, tribes have a history of making jewelry and art from shells.

In the desert regions, a popular option is oyster shell, thanks to its versatility and selection of beautiful colors. Tribes such as Zuni and Hopi make some of the most stunning examples of oyster bracelets with shells meticulously carved and placed in sterling silver.

We also carry oyster bracelets complimented by other stones, such as turquoise for a truly beautiful item that captures the spirit of the artists. Many of our oyster shell cuff bracelets feature red shells, which compliment any style for a real desert fashion statement.

Browse our selection to see some of the finest shells used today. The best artists in the Southwest use the spiny oyster, or thorny oyster, which is actually a member of the scallop family and are found all over the world. Jewelry makers enjoy using this shell because of its varied colors and durability for use in oyster bracelets.

Some historians believe shells have been used as adornment for tribes since ancient times and many techniques have been developed and passed down. Some of today's artists form the shells into beads by grinding them down by hand or using a machine.
American Pueblo Indians are known for creating beautiful miniature landscapes by using different shades of shells and other stones placed expertly into a sterling silver oyster bracelet.

Many artists put their own personality into the oyster bracelets they design, which is shown through their choice of colors and patterns. Oyster shells are unique because they can be found in an array of colors, from red and pink, to purple or white – and many in between.

At SilverTribe, we carry oyster shell bracelets with intricate and detailed beadwork in all shades. Some of our Navajo oyster bracelets highlight deep red shells reminiscent of rubies. Others feature orange or purple shells cut and placed into jewelry to create a tiny mosaic of shells.

Our colorful and detailed collection will give you a new respect and appreciation for the craftsmanship, patience and artistic talent that goes into making every item in our growing Native American bracelets catalog.

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